Lecture by Michael Hiller: Is there really evolution?

The diversity of species has developed through evolution over the course of many millions of years. Through processes such as variation and selection, certain characteristics have emerged and others have disappeared – says the doctrine. But is this actually true? Or were humans and other species created by an intelligent being, as some believe? In his lecture ” Hat Evolution wirklich stattgefunden? Belege aus der Paläontologie, Entwicklungsbiologie und Genom-Forschung” (in German), Prof. Dr. Michael Hiller from the LOEWE Centre for Translational Biodiversity Genomics will talk about valid arguments as well as visual and genetic similarities between species. The lecture will take place digitally at 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, April 14. A livestream can be found at www.senckenberg.de/live. The event is part of the Senckenberg lecture series ” Bauplan der Natur – Wie Genomik unseren Blick auf die biologische Vielfalt revolutioniert”. More info at https://senckenberg.de/bauplandernatur

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