TBG Bioinformatics

TBG Bioinformatics

Dr. Tilman Schell, Christoph Sinai, Deepak Kumar Gupta

The TBG Bioinformatics team supports all steps of genome sequencing projects. For example, support is given by setting up projects together with the TBG scientists and advising them on suitable analysis pipelines as well as customized data management from sample to genome. Also, specific tailored pipelines according to the scientists´ needs can be set up.

With a sound expertise in bioinformatic programming, sample tracking, and database maintenance, the team accompanies whole TBG projects, performs alone-standing analyses, or teaches the scientists basic principles to carry out their own analysis.

The TBG Bioinformatics is equipped with a modern computing cluster that not only delivers the required computational resources for all internal TBG projects but also uses an innovative oil immersion cooling system which drastically reduces the energy footprint.

The cluster, comprising a total of about 500 CPU cores, 7.5 TB of memory, 150 TB of storage capacity, is scalable and uses a state of the art workload management system.

To make sure that all TBG projects can be accomplished with highest efficiency, the TBG Bioinformatics service unit provides a constantly growing pool of ready-to-use software (250+ as of September 2020) and also delivers support for all computational related issues.



Dr. Tilman Schell tilman.schell@senckenberg.de

Christoph Sinai Christoph.sinai@senckenberg.de

Deepak Kumar Gupta deepak.gupta@senckenberg.de