Ongoing search: PostDoc Position in Gene Annotation

We are currently looking for a PostDoc to apply and develop new gene annotation approaches. 

The Project 
Comprehensively annotating genes in newly-sequenced genomes remains a challenging task. Our lab recently developed TOGA, the first method that integrates gene annotation and orthology inference, and used it to provide comparative annotations for >1000 mammals and birds ( The project aims at developing a new automated strategy to integrate TOGA annotations with transcriptomics (short read RNA-seq and long read Iso-seq) data to produce comprehensive, high-quality gene annotations. We also aim at further improving TOGA by incorporating deep learning predictions into the annotation process. The new strategy will be applied to assemblies of numerous species, including bats, cetaceans, birds, snakes and fish, sequenced by us and collaborators. This will form the basis to uncover key differences in genes and link phenotypic adaptations of these species to differences in their genomes. The postdoc is expected to work closely with other lab members and capitalize on a wealth of existing methods and comparative genomic data.

 Please apply !!

Vacancy Ref.  #12-22014 
Application deadline: no deadline, search continues until the position is filled
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We are offering Master or Bachelor projects related to the computational aspects of our genomics research to students having programming experience (e.g. perl or python) and proficiency in linux. Interested students are encouraged to email Michael.