tbg-project Maria Nilsson and team

Transposable elements

Institution: Senckenberg Society for Nature Research

TBG group members

  • Dr. Maria Nilsson
  • Dr. Malte Petersen
  • Jordi de Raad (PhD student)
  • Claudio Sabatelli
  • Lennart Gries

TBG project summary

Our projects aim primarily at tracing the evolutionary history of genomes in a broad spectrum of species and systems. We identify repetitive sequences (Transposable Elements, TEs) and investigate the role they have played in genome evolution. One main project relates to the evolutionary history of nutcracker birds, with a focus on how (sub)species evolved in a highly dispersive species complex. Additionally, the genomes are screened for TEs that have been active during the divergence processes of these species. In parallel, we study the phylogeny and evolution of the corvid lineage (nutcrackers, crows, magpies, jays). A second project investigate genome size dynamics and aim to shed light on the contribution of TE activity to ribbon worm (Nemertea) genome composition as well as the evolution of nemertean-specific TEs.

Group expertise / Methods

  • Characterization and high throughput analysis of TEs using state of the art genome sequencing methods and bioinformatic approaches.
  • Phylogenomics of whole species complexes.
  • 10x genomics
  • Nanopore
  • genome assembly and annotation
  • speciation and population genomics