tbg-project Ingo Ebersberger and team

Institution: Department of Applied Bioinformatics, Goethe University, Frankfurt

TBG group members

  • Prof. Dr. Ingo Ebersberger
  • Dr. Francisca Segers
  • Andreas Blaumeiser
  • Julian Dosch

TBG project summary

Symbiosis is an evolutionarily successful strategy to optimally exploit resources in a habitat. However, we are only at the beginning of comprehending the molecular basis of organismic interactions. In this project, we combine methods development with applied analysis. Specifically, we will create a bioinformatics toolkit to trace protein interaction networks across many taxa. The novel software will inform about lineage specific changes in protein function and will assess the effect of limited search sensitivity. The applied part of our project concentrates on pioneering communities, i.e. meta-organisms that are the first to conquer new, and often extreme, habitats, such as saline and nutrient-poor soils. Using newly determined genome sequences of symbionts, we will identify encoded protein interaction networks, and their integration across symbiotic partners. Comparisons with results from closely related non-pioneering taxa will shed light on how species adapt to extreme environments

Group expertise / Methods

  • Phylogenomics
  • Orthology inference
  • Genome assembly
  • Comparative genomics
  • Microbiome analysis
  • General bioinformatics
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Behavioural ecology