tbg-project Helge Bode and team

Bode lab

Institution: Goethe University Frankfurt

TBG group members

  • Prof. Dr. Helge Bode
  • Nicholas Tobias, Postdoc
  • Jürgen Breitenbach, Postdoc
  • Edna Bode, Postdoc (affiliated)
  • Peter Grün, TA
  • Janine Chekaiban, MSc student (affiliated)

TBG project summary

The Bode lab is involved in the following major projects:

  1. Identification of novel molecular biology tools for the activation of biosynthetic gene clusters in Gram-negative bacteria
  2. Generation of natural product overproducing strains for bioactivity testing of crude extracts containing specific natural products (NPs)
  3. Identification of novel NPs with unusual biosynthesis

Group expertise / Methods

  • HPLC/MS-based analysis of NPs (small molecules)
  • Their structure elucidation by NMR
  • Post-translational modification of biosynthetic enzymes
  • Analysis of metagenome data with a focus on the bacterial microbiome for NP pathway identification