Screening of identified natural products

Screening of in other subprojects identified natural products on biological activity and potential pharmaceutical application

Gerd Geisslinger


The aim of this subproject is to investigate natural products (low-molecular substances / peptides) with regard to their suitability as therapeutics for inflammatory and painful diseases, diabetes or cancer. A three-step approach is planned for the screening of the relatively large number of potential test molecules in a goal-orientated, cost- and time-efficient manner. The first step is carried out using the medium-throughput (MTS) method in order to initially analyze the highest possible number of natural substances and then to be able to focus on positively tested substances (selected based on a threshold value) in further tests. In the MTS method, effects on cellular processes such as proliferation, apoptosis, cell cycle are studied. The natural products will also be characterized in terms of their effects on the formation / release of second messenger molecules or important mediators (e.g. Ca, cAMP, cGMP, PGE2, NO) in the MTS method. The more elaborate, but also more clinically relevant cell-based assays will be performed only with the positively tested natural products. Finally, the most promising substances will be characterized in different animal models of disease states.
Further information about in vitro and in vivo techniques available at Fraunhofer IME project group translational medicine and pharmacology are presented at our web site:

Fig. Three-step cost- and time-efficient screening of test compounds.