Preclinical in vitro testing

Preclinical in vitro testing of natural compounds discovered by the TBG consortium  

Robert Fürst


Natural products (NPs) are chemical substances that are produced by living organisms. Due to their ability to interact with biological systems, they have a high intrinsic potency as lead compounds in the process of drug discovery. This is highlighted by the fact that two-thirds of all authorized drugs are based on NPs. Our project aims at the preclinical characterization of the NPs that are discovered within the LOEWE-TGB consortium in the context of inflammation and tumor angiogenesis. We will focus on the action of these substances on endothelial cells. Functional in vitro screening assays will be used to test the ability of the NPs to interfere with the interaction of leukocytes with activated endothelial cells and to influence the key features of angiogenesis. The most interesting bioactive NPs will be further analyzed for their mechanisms of Action.