MiGen Analysis


MiGen Analysis: Microbiome and genome analyses of medically relevant hematophagous arthropods 

Sven Klimpel, Antje Steinbrink, Sarah Cunze, Judith Kochmann


Hematophagous arthropods are biological and mechanical vectors of a variety of infectious diseases caused by bacteria, protozoa, metazoa or viruses. Especially in the context of climatic and environmental changes, they constitute a serious threat to public health. Using culture-independent, high-throughput analyses, the metagenomes of medically relevant and invasive arthropod species and their pathogens will be characterized using established NGS methods. Another focus is the use of extracellular DNA from environmental samples (eDNA), which is to be quantitatively collected via genomic chips. The aims of the project are to detect and control the pathogens transmitted by the vectors and to draw conclusions about the biology and future distribution of potential vectors and their pathogens.