Soil Metagenomics

©Birgit Lang


Soil Metagenomics

Ricarda Lehmitz & Miklós Bálint


Soils fulfil a large number of ecosystem services that are essential for human wellbeing such as food production and water filtering. They are habitat for a tremendous diversity of fauna and microorganisms, whose activity forms the basis of most soil functions. Despite of their importance, methods for monitoring soil faunal biodiversity and functional changes are largely missing. The project therefore aims at developing a monitoring methodology based on metagenomics. For the reference library, we will shallow-genome-sequence ~300 soil invertebrate species from a broad taxonomic range and including all common German invertebrate groups.



De novo genomes 0
Re- sequenced genomes 0
Shallow sequenced genomes 354
Total genomes 0
Total data: 0.2 Tera bases


SPECIES: Date (due) NCBI Coverage Quality (planned)
Soil animals:      
53 species of Nematoda 01.07.2022 Yes 0.5
40 species of Oligochaeta 01.07.2022 Yes 0.5
10 species of Microturbellaria 01.07.2022 Yes 0.5
50 species of Oribatida 01.07.2022 Yes 0.5
60 species of Gamasina 01.07.2022 Yes 0.5
5 species of Actinedida 01.07.2022 Yes 0.5
1 species of Endeostigmata 01.07.2022 Yes 0.5
40 species of Collembola 01.07.2022 Yes 0.5
30 species of Diplopoda 01.07.2022 Yes 0.5
10 species of Chilopoda 01.07.2022 Yes 0.5
Soil fungi:      
55 species of fungi 01.07.2022 Yes 0.5